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The first Injectable Microporous biomaterial - a clinically interventional approach to tissue engineering

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The Building Blocks of Tissue Engineering


For decades, tissue engineering has been an exciting route to regenerative therapies to heal damaged and defective tissues, yet few therapies and devices have emerged in the clinic.

We at Tempo believe that this is due to a fundamental incompatibility between implanted materials and our body's tissue - well known as the 'foreign body response'. This is the body's way of rejecting objects that do not belong.  Despite years of development focusing on novel material chemistries and biocompatibility, we still fight this uphill battle, until know.

Tempo's protected technology is a way to GEOMETRICALLY orient a material, irrespective of its chemistry. This geometric organization produces a flowable meta-material that is easily delivered to any site of tissue injury, while forming hyperporous sponge-like geometry that instantly integrates with host tissue.

This enables tissue to naturally grow into the injected implant without rejection, and without the need to implant engineered cell or biological growth factors.

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