Tempo Therapeutics, headquartered in San Diego, California, is pioneering a new era in tissue engineering biotechnology, using our proprietary MAP material science technology.

The MAP (Microporous Annealed Particle) technology is a first-in-class volumetric injectable porous scaffolding for regenerative medicine. The MAP technology enables Tempo to create fully synthetic and precision engineered injectable materials that can modulate a patient’s own immune cells to drive regenerative biological responses. Tissue implants using MAP technology are able to evade the typical inflammatory and scar-forming Foreign Body Response (FBR) and instead promote a regenerative immune response that leads to accelerated formation of vascularized tissue volume.

Using MAP technology, we are building functional tissue and organs within patients to treat disease. Our mission is to use MAP technology to harness the power of immunomodulation and material science to transform the landscape of medical technology, enabling the future of medicine.

Tempo’s leading biosurgery products solve significant clinical challenges in patients undergoing soft tissue reconstructions for dermal and abdominal wall indications. By building new vascular tissue in these patients, our products improve tissue strength and restore function – improving outcomes and saving lives. Using the MAP core technology, Tempo is also developing combination drug delivery, allogenic cell engraftment, and next-generation vaccine technologies.

Tempo is developing novel therapies based on MAP technology in many therapeutic areas. We are actively engaged in building strategic relationships to bolster current development and access new therapeutic areas – with the goal of using tissue engineering to build better lives for patients in need.

Recognized as a Connect San Diego “cool company” in 2020