Tempo is moving toward a new era in tissue engineering with our MAP material science technology. MAP is a core technology based on a scaffold’s physical microenvironment, compatible with any material chemistry, that enables Tempo to create minimally invasive, fully synthetic, and precision engineered tissue scaffolds that are not rejected by the host immune system and keep local immunity polarized to a type 2 ‘pro-regenerative’ state.

By harnessing the power of immune polarization, MAP rapidly builds new tissue in damaged areas – avoiding scar formation pathways and enabling regain of function in critical organs. Tempo’s lead product, TT101, is entering clinical development as an interventional treatment for rebuilding tissue in complex wounds. TT101 is a stand-alone material without any cells or biological factors, however the MAP technology platform can be easily combined with controlled release technologies for small molecules, as well as with stem cells to improve engraftment and therapeutic potential.

MAP – Tempo’s material technology platform




How the MAP biosurgery product works

Complex wound

Flow into wound

“Anneal” scaffold

Tissue regrowth

Tempo’s materials work with host immunity

Polarize Immunity

MAP Biomaterials

Synthetic – precision engineered
Injectable – minimally invasive delivery
Recognized as ‘self’ – regenerative, not scar
Driven by scaffold geometry – not by drugs or biologics

Drive Regeneration