Westbrook Weaver, PhD

Westbrook Weaver, PhD is Co-Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Tempo Therapeutics. He brings over 7 years of executive management experience and 15 years of life science R&D experience to Tempo. Westbrook is an inventor of the microporous annealed particle (MAP) core technology that is the basis of Tempo’s product pipeline. Prior to launching Tempo, Westbrook received his PhD from The University of California, Los Angeles, where he developed new technologies for diagnostic medicine and high throughput single cell analysis. With deep expertise in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and biomaterial technologies, Westbrook brings a unique capability that is critical for Tempo’s mission at the intersection of materials, medicine, and immunology. Westbrook has assembled a strong network of scientific and clinical advisors, as well as life science business executives with experience in regulatory, operations, and commercialization.